Architecture, LLC


Inlet Architecture offers architectural and design services for both commercial and residential projects, new construction and remodels.  Regardless of the project size, Inlet Architecture seeks to design each project to satisfy the individuality of the client and the particulars of the community. We are committed to an interactive relationship between all parties in the building process and believe that this process ensures the best result. While new to the greater Charleston area, the staff of Inlet Architecture has been providing professional guidance for years and understands what it takes to make a project flow smoothly.  Above all else, Inlet Architecture is dedicated to its clients and  provides services tailored to their needs.

Experience -Residential, multifamily, commercial, retail, assisted living and living in place, tenant upfits, home additions and a lot more.

One Package -  With our network of  providers, Inlet Architecture can put together a package with all of the various team components. A single price with everything you need to get a building permit.

Professional Guidance - We are happy to explain the process and the solutions we are developing for your project. There can be several different trades involved in the design and permitting process and it's important that the client have an understanding of how everything comes together.

Consultations - Inlet Architecture doesn't charge for initial consultations. You can contact us anyway you like.


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